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O2 Armor, a leading brand in nasal filtration technology, combines innovation with practicality, offering a unique solution to enhance breathing health. As you collaborate with O2 Armor in promoting their products, it's essential to adhere to the following guidelines. For any queries, please contact the O2 Armor team at


  • Always use "O2 Armor" with the letter "O" capitalized, not the number zero.
  • Maintain sufficient space around the O2 Armor logos and brand assets to ensure they are prominent and distinct from other text or logos.
  • Highlight O2 Armor trademarks in texts using bold, capitalization, or italics, like "O2 Armor Nasal Filters."
  • Use O2 Armor trademarks as adjectives, not as nouns or verbs. For instance, say “O2 Armor Nasal Filters” instead of just "O2 Armors."
  • When discussing product features, be accurate without making performance promises.
  • Distinguish between definitive claims and general remarks about the potential benefits of O2 Armor products.
  • Ensure verifiable data backs all claims and avoid unsubstantiated or misleading statements.
  • Disclose your affiliate relationship with O2 Armor transparently and conspicuously, in line with FTC guidelines and FTC Disclosure Guidelines.
  • Use preferred phrasings like “O2 Armor supports healthy breathing” or “O2 Armor helps reduce the amount of allergens you breathe in."


  • Use spam or unsolicited emails to promote O2 Armor.
  • Engage in negative marketing or malign competitors.
  • Misrepresent O2 Armor products or make false claims.
  • Make exaggerated statements that do not accurately represent O2 Armor Nasal Filters and their functionalities.
  • Use statements like “O2 Armor guarantees complete protection against all airborne diseases” or “Using O2 Armor will cure your existing allergies.”
  • Suggest that O2 Armor's filters last indefinitely without needing replacement.
  • Alter the O2 Armor logos or brand assets in any way.
  • Combine any part of the O2 Armor name or trademarks with your name or marks.
  • Use trademarks, names, domain names, logos, or other content that could be confused with O2 Armor.


  • While creating content or engaging in marketing activities on behalf of O2 Armor, prioritize safety at all times. O2 Armor is not responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property that may occur during these activities. Affiliates should ensure that all content creation and marketing practices are safe and do not put themselves or others at risk.
  • Avoid demonstrations that may be unsafe or could be interpreted as promoting unsafe use of the product. Affiliates should never compromise on safety for the sake of content creation.
  • Affiliates are responsible for ensuring that their marketing activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety and public welfare.


O2 Armor Concealed Nasal Filtration offers an innovative approach to breathing protection. This discreet device, designed to fit snugly inside the nostrils, is crafted from medical-grade plastic and features advanced filter media sourced from a leading manufacturer. Our filters are highly effective, capturing up to 99% of airborne particles like welding and grinding dust, pollen, smoke, lead dust, sawdust, allergens, pet dander, mold, pollution, germs, and viruses. These particles can be as small as less than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) in size, with our filters being 90% effective for particles measuring 10 microns (PM10) and 65% effective for PM2.5.

O2 Armor is a trusted choice for welders and fabricators, providing a crucial shield against daily workplace contaminants. It serves as a first line of defense in the shop, offering a practical, comfortable, and easy-to-use alternative when other forms of respiratory PPE are either impractical, uncomfortable, ineffective due to facial hair, or hinder clear communication.

We cater to various sizes, from extra-large to extra-small, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. O2 Armor filters are available in packs of 3, 10, 25, and 50, with options for larger quantities upon request. For more information and to make a purchase, please visit


Download the logo package here, which contains various formats suitable for different uses. Do not alter the logo, including design, color, or proportion changes. For any questions or if you need a specific logo format not provided, please contact for assistance.