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The product is amazing! After only 40 minutes of use welding the filer had already caught so much, that it was completely black! It’s fairly comfortable and after wearing them for a little, you almost forget that it’s even in your nose. If you want to help save your lungs without wearing a full face mask, I definitely recommend this product.

On top of the product being amazing, I also called the company to ask some questions and the gentleman that answered was extremely friendly, very helpful and polite, had amazing customer service, and was super informative! Overall a great product and an amazing team working at 02 Armor! I highly recommend this product for all welders or anyone in the trades!

"I’m ordering him some more! Thought you’d like to know how much it helped him."

Hey! My brother in law suffers from an acute autoimmune/ respiratory disorder and can’t be around wood burning fireplaces/ smoke. Well my in laws dug out their o2 armor we got them for Christmas last year because they needed to warm the house up, and he’s been totally fine all day! I’m ordering him some more! Thought you’d like to know how much it helped him.

Elora, December 2021
Your product is awesome!

I purchased the sample pack first so my boyfriend and I can figure out how they fit. Then purchased X25 of the medium for me and X25 of the large for him. We refinish furniture and sand things on daily basis. When I don't feel like wearing my respirator when sanding shellac your product is prefect. I even wear it when I'm spraying with the respirator on top. It catches all the lacquer overspray. When I start to breath out of my mouth lol, I know that it's time to change them I usually go trough 2 inserts a day.

Niya (Faux and Finish), Apr 14, 2022
"I love the nasal filters...they come in clutch while we were affected by smoke from the SOCAL wildfires"

I love the nasal filters, use em when I’m on a dusty construction site, always when I’m at my LAX job site because of the jet fuel exhaust, and they come in clutch while we were affected by smoke from the SOCAL wildfires.

We’re still mask mandated here in SOCAL, but when my mask is down and people see the bridge piece, they think it’s a cool nose piercing.. then are intrigued when I say it’s a nasal filter. I keep the travel case in my safety vest for show and tell opportunities

Janeen (concrete sales)
Overall 10/10

Love them! Works with my nose ring. No more metal or body filler boogies, heads aches or big masks.

Use them for grinding metal, body filler sanding and welding. No more metal or bondo boogies, stuffed nose, headaches and no huge masks while I’m dripping with sweat. Also works just fine with my nose ring! Completely happy.

Christopher, Apr 26, 2022
"I used them in the shop grinding, and let me tell you it kept me from pulling out the gross black boogies I usually have LMAO"

I wear a mask mostly when sanding. I never paid attention to how much sawdust I was still breathing until I started wearing these small nose filters. These are an inexpensive and easy solution to help protect your lungs.

Brad (Woodworker)

I was gifted some of these @O2Armor nasal inserts. I hate masks, I haven’t found one yet that fits me good and is comfortable but I had to sand some Parota and that’s one wood that messes with me! These things were perfect and PawPaw used some at work and doing the yard and loved them definitely would make a great buy.


@rock_welds Absolutely you forget your even wearing them, you can use them for almost anything you want even landscaping with all the pollen. There's a lot of things you can use them for, I'm sure you don't see anyone usually walking around cutting grass with a 3m, that's just funny looking. These you can't really notice even on yourself or feel. Pull them off when you are done and see all the stuff that's latched on. You will wonder why this product wasn't around since birth luckily it's not too late! This product will be around for generations on end. I highly suggest them & truly believe the creators are lengthening lives worldwide.


Hi Cliff!

Betsy Lyons here. My 16 year old grandson is in his 2nd year of a Vocational School in Pennsylvania for welding. For Christmas I  bought him his Welding helmet. I asked him what else he needed and he gave me your website. His instructor told them about your products.

What an amazing product.

A grateful Grandmother

Betsy Lyons

O2 filters have been a God send for me when I visit with friends and relatives whose filthy smoking habits are more important than my problems with COPD. I find two sizes are best to select depending upon my level of exertion and use the Large size during exercise as inhaling becomes easier due to increased filter surface area. The medium size is so comfortable that I can sleep through the night with it in place. O2 filters are helping me avoid mold allergies and colds and the new pocket carrying case is a big help with sanitation. O2 filters are a MUST when I'm working in dusty environments inside and out. As filtration media improves in the future to include HEPA rating and nano silver I will continue to buy, use and recommend O2 filters to others. Thanks for this great product. I only wish that it had been available decades earlier when I worked in filthy industrial environments. Maybe I could have avoided COPD. Just saying.....

B Ostergren

I just welded a gate for a guy and they came out black. I truly see the value in them and how good I feel when using them.

- Justin (shotgun range manager)

I used them in the shop grinding, and let me tell you it kept me from pulling out the gross black boogies I usually have LMAO

- Kathryn (welder)

Fit great in my nose and honestly have helped make breathing easier and always safer.

- Scott, May 6, 2022

Once I got used to the feeling of it, it worked beautifully.

- Todd, Apr 10, 2022

02 Armor Customers

The folks at @o2armor were super kind, and sent me a trial pack of their O2 Armor Concealed Filtration to check out! A veteran owned company, with ties to our little town in Idaho, I was honestly honored, and intrigued in the product when they reached out.

The timing couldn't have been better too; with the temps soaring, wearing a full face air filtration mask for trivial tasks in the shop is taxing to say the least.

These little filters are the answer I didn’t know I was looking for: Very discrete, easy to insert and very effective: I’m really impressed with how much better I was breathing at the end of the day.. All without the obtrusive and hot half mask I’ve been wearing.

Obviously there’s a time and a place for the heavy filtration, however these little filters definitely fill the gap of needing *something* lightweight around the dusty shop the rest of the time. I can also see myself making lots of use of these while out on the dusty trails, doing yard work and many other scenarios!

Scott (welding fabricator)

Got hooked up with some samples at FABTECH from@o2armor, and DAMN!!! Wish I had known about these a LONG time ago!!!! I’m officially resigning from the Black Booger Bandits!!!! Thanks guys!!!

Misfit Welder

They sure get black fast but they still block everything from going into my nose which is so nice no more black boogers lol.

02 Armor Customers

I order two sample kits, gave one to my son who is a welder and he loves them. I am safety supervisor and don't expose myself as much as the welders do but the amount of particulate they captured for me just making site visits was crazy. I'm ordering more, I love them!


Amazing, after 10 hours of welding taking them off feels as if I breathe life unto my lungs for the first time.

Jovanit Q


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